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January 2021

Southern Ohio / Kentucky

Church of the Brethren's 

Recommendation for Opening Churches

(January 2021)

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We, as the Southern Ohio Kentucky District Board, continue to urge all congregations to refrain from in person meetings to prevent COVID-19 transmission.


Over 376,000 Americans have died in these last 11 months of COVID-19. In our district, a growing number of our congregations have been directly affected by this virus. We are sad to report that in at least two of our congregations, members of leadership have died due to the virus. At least two pastors and members of two other pastoral families have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and we have heard numerous reports of church members fighting the disease.

Scripture gives us examples of times when quarantines were necessary for the sake of the community. Leprosy, for example, required quarantine and priestly inspection before rejoining society. As followers of Christ, these examples from the scriptures can guide us as we navigate this new disease.

No one wants to be the reason why members of the congregation contract the disease or even die. Medical science tells us that we can spread the COVID-19 virus without showing symptoms. Long-anticipated vaccines are here, and we look forward to the time when they are widely available and administered to all within the communities of our congregations.

We all miss in person worship and the fellowship that comes from a community of believers and look forward to the time when we can all safely gather in person. Again, the District Board recommends that congregations do not meet in person for worship. Please contact the District Office if you neede help setting up virtual meetings. 


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